Flowering for weddings

I love creating beautiful floral designs for intimate weddings and events using fresh and dried flowers'. My style is natural and wild and I love using all that seasonal flowers have to offer. 

Our fresh flower's are available in season from May to October and we work with local growers and import seasonal flowers when required.  We also cater for DIY weddings where you simply give us a colour palette and we cut and provide a mix of seasonal flowers to match your style and preferences. 

Our dried flowers are simply particular varieties of flowers which have been carefully selected, grown from seed, harvested and dried upside down to ensure a very long lasting sustainable option which keeps on giving for many months. Dried flowers can be repurposed into gifts after your wedding or event or enjoyed in your own home and are a wonderful eco-friendly option outside of the main growing/blooming season. 

If you love flowers as much as we do and want to make them a special part of your day,  just fill out the form below and we will back in touch with you as soon as we can! 
Wedding enquiry form

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions 

What type of weddings do you cater for?

We specialise in micro and small to medium weddings, for couples who absolutely love flowers, especially Irish grown flowers.


Where can I see your previous work?

You will see our previous work on our website, Instagram and Facebook @flowersonfouracres.


Why choose our flower farm?

During our main growing season, we grow beautiful and unique flowers (e.g. dinner-plate dahlias, fragrant sweet peas, pretty nigella, ranunculus, snapdragons) and foliage stems (foliage includes all the greens, leaves and vines used in bouquets like mint, eucalyptus, and ivy for example) and freshly harvested for shape, texture, colour and scent. By choosing our flower farm, your wedding flowers will be unique and a reflection of the seasons. It will also be a little better for the environment as we grow to organic principles; without the use of harsh chemicals. 

If required, we will source additional flowers from other Irish flower farms where possible or source from European growers when specific locally grown flowers are not available.

We also pride ourselves on offering an excellent personal customer experience and only book a limited number of weddings each year so we can fully concentrate on creating the flower magic for your special day.  

We love to work with all types of seasonal flowers, colours and textures so can work with you to create whatever floral arrangements you imagine, from simple colour palettes to quirky fun vibrant rainbow colours in your arrangements. We can create both fresh and dried arrangements to your chosen colour palette.

We also love to use natural silk ribbon and hand-dye our own silk fabric to your desired colour using natural materials or source specific fabric and colours for you if not.

If your wedding is booked far enough in advance and there is a particular flower that you love, we may be able to grow it for your special day. If not, we will source it from another Irish grower where possible.

We definitely do not, ever....

We feel very strongly about enjoying flowers in their natural form so we don’t use chemically bleached, dyed or plastic flowers or foliage. We never use conventional floral foam (oasis- which is a spongy green single use plastic) and use foam free mechanics instead in all of our arrangements.


How does the process work?

Firstly, complete the online wedding enquiry form. We will get back to you and from there we book an initial consultation. Once that is completed, we create a full proposal based on our discussion and costing for your requirements and send it on to you. Once you are happy with the final proposal and details, a booking deposit must be paid within 7 days of this being issued to secure your date and a contract signed by both parties. We then schedule a final online meeting within 1 month of your wedding day to go over everything and finalise details and can make minor changes if required before the final invoice issued. The balance of the invoice must then be paid within 14 days of the wedding date.


What to do if I want to get more information?

To get further information, please fill out the wedding enquiry form on the website and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that during our main growing and event season, it may take a little longer to get back to you but we will endeavour to get back to all enquiries within 2 working days.


What to do if I want to book a consultation?

All consultations must be booked in advance. We can conduct initial consultations once you have completed the online wedding enquiry form. Initial online consultations are €30. Ideally, for that initial online meeting, it is best to have an idea of what you really like (or if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with wedding planning an idea of what you really don’t like). While there are lots of sources of information on ideas for weddings, Pinterest boards and reference photos of what you like are really helpful. You can also chat to us if you require additional accessories (e.g. ribbon, candles, vases, candle holders, etc.). Don’t worry if you are not sure where to start; we are here to help you along the way!


Is there a consultation fee?

Yes. An initial short consultation via Zoom is a non-refundable €30. If you require a site visit to your chosen location, the cost within Wexford is €60. The cost outside of Wexford is dependent on your chosen location.  You can email anytime for further information and cost.


Do you do weddings outside of Co. Wexford?

Yes we do weddings outside of Co. Wexford., however the further the distance, transport costs will increase.


I live outside of Ireland? What are my options?

We have worked with lots of brides from abroad. We will make organising your flowers a simple and fun process and work with you to create your own floral magic, unique and personal to you. We can organise an online consultation through zoom. Just fill out the enquiry form and we will work on it from there.  


I am working with a wedding planner; do you work with them?

Yes, no problem at all!


How much should I expect to spend on my wedding flowers?

It is generally recommended to expect to allocate at least 10% of your overall wedding budget to your flowers, however, if you love flowers and want more arrangements or specific flowers, then this of course will vary. Flowers are a natural, perishable product and take a lot of time, skill and care to grow and arrange. The more flexible you are in terms of using seasonal or locally available flowers the better. Outside of the main growing season, (May-September) your flowers will cost more as they may need to be imported. 


I am on a tight budget. Do you work with clients on smaller budgets?

Nearly everyone planning a wedding has a budget. Just complete the initial wedding enquiry form and we can take it from there! 


Do you have a minimum spend or order amount?

If your special event is happening within 20km of our farm, we do not have a minimum spend in the main harvest season from May-October. 


Can I supply my own flowers and/or foliage for you to work with?

While we can add or incorporate little touches such as a particular meaningful flower or pieces of foliage or plant from a loved one’s garden for example, unfortunately using your own foliage or flowers is not possible. Wedding preparation begins quite a few days before the wedding and we need to be able to provide you with the highest quality blooms and foliage on your special day.


What about flowers for kids or personalising floral items?

We love creating magic and unique little flower pieces for kids or personalising flowers so if you have a little one (or adult) that really love Marvel, Harry Potter, GAA, Lego, books or unicorns or whatever, let us know. We will work with you to make sure each little floral piece is magic for them too.


Can I cut my own wedding flowers at your farm?

You cannot cut your own wedding flowers but we can provide DIY buckets of flowers for brides arranging their own flowers. We grow our flowers and foliage outside and not in tunnels yet (although this is the plan for the future) alongside Irish weather, so we never guarantee any particular flower or foliage. If you are flexible and are happy with getting the right colour palette mix with textures etc., rather than having specific flowers then this might be a good option for you.  Please fill out the enquiry form and we can provide you with further information.


Are there workshops available to learn how to create my own wedding bouquets?

Yes, depending on the time of the year, we can provide bespoke individual or small group workshops which will show you the basics on how to create your own floral magic and create bouquets, buttonholes, flower crowns and small floral arrangements, how to condition and care for your flowers etc. We can provide you with everything you need for your wedding. If you need more information on these, please email Trisha at: info@flowersonfouracres.ie.


How soon do I need to book my date?

As soon as you are happy with the proposal we create for you, a non-refundable booking fee of €100 is required to secure all wedding dates. This booking fee is taken off your final invoice total.


When is the final balance of the invoice due?

The final balance must be paid in full 14 days before the wedding day.


How do I pay you?

Ideally, payments can be made directly by bank transfer, and you will find our bank account information on our invoices, however, all wedding invoices are also issued with an easy online payment link for your convenience. 


Do you charge a delivery fee?

Yes, a delivery fee will always be charged depending on the location as well as set up or 'installation' fee (time) costs for your wedding day depending on what is required. All of this information will be included in your initial proposal and invoice pricing. All charges and costs will be included in your initial proposal, inclusive of VAT so there are no hidden fees or surprises when you get your final bill. There is no charge or fee to collect your own flowers here on the farm although if you are collecting, flowers must be collected no later than 2pm the day before the wedding.


What do I need if I am collecting my own flowers from the farm?

If you are collecting your own flowers, please ensure you have sufficient space in your vehicle (you will need more than you think you need) and a relatively flat surface to hold the flowers on. We will harvest the flowers early in the morning and cut them at the base of the stem so you get a nice long stem and can cut them to whatever length you require. We will supply the flowers and foliage in tall buckets in a small amount of water. Suitable containers, large boxes or crates will be necessary to transport your flowers safely. It is also extremely important to ensure that any wedding flowers are collected and delivered to your chosen destination as quickly as possible. It is absolutely critical that flowers must be kept in a cool dark place in water during (as much as possible) and after transportation until the actual ceremony to keep them in the best condition. Heat, direct sunlight and insecure transportation will damage your flowers and foliage. We cannot accept responsibility for any flowers or foliage damaged once they leave the farm.


Do you have accessories that you we can hire or purchase?

Yes we do have some accessories that you can hire as part of our overall wedding service such as candle holders, vases, ribbon etc. Rental fees and deposits will apply to any containers, vessels or items rented out by us as part of our proposal and contract all of which must be returned in the same condition. 


Can I provide my own vases and candle holders etc.?

Yes, even better if you can provide your own containers or vases etc. as long as they are suitable for the arrangements in question! We try to be sustainable in everything we do and love to repurpose and display personal items and use them in weddings to add a really personal touch so if you want to create a photo table with flowers to remember loved ones, use your mam’s favourite vase or repurpose your grandad’s old jam jar’s or whatever you want, let us know and we will see what we can do. If you do wish to use your own items for the floral arrangements, these will need to be agreed upon in advance and delivered to us no later than 7 days before your wedding. 


What happens after the wedding and how do I return the items to you?

If we need to take down, collect or dismantle any creations, a fee will apply but normally everything is taken down or removed the day after the event. However as noted, all charges will be included in the proposal pricing.


My question isn’t included above? 

Just pop me an email to info@flowersonfouracres.ie



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