Getting married in March in Ireland ? What's blooming then ?

What's not to love about March! Finally, we really start to see a bit of colour and flower's start showing up with their beautiful faces to greet us once again for another year and ease us gently into the brighter longer days to come. This past week's weather has been amazing but we finally got the bug - yep, Covid reached our house. Other than pure tiredness and a couple of days of feeling pretty rotten, we are all well on the other side of it now. I am still waiting for my energy levels to return to normal but we are getting there! It could be a lot worse.  Anyway's if you are getting married in March, consider the beautiful Irish that are currently in bloom around us here in Ireland. I love a more natural style of wedding bouquet and am a firm believer in mixing it up a bit;  in other words a bit like mother nature. This woodland style bouquet pictured is a mix of:
  • daffodils  (so many different varieties available and smell amazing too)
  • tulips (as above lots of varieties, shapes and colours) 
  • hellebore (other wise know as winter or lenten rose) available in greens, whites, pink to deep mauve /pink) 
  • fritillaria meleagris (This one here known as snakeshead but there are lots of unusual varieties) 
  • anemones (great for purples to blues, pinks and whites, try the panda varieties for whites) 
  • muscari (little bulbous purple to blue colour) 
  • willow
  • eucalyptus
The colour palette is a a mix of muted yellow, greens and purples. How magic are those snakeshead fritillaries though? They are the purple flowers with the checkerboard pattern.  The fragrance of these freshly cut daffodils and eucalytpus is amazing too. Different smells bring back memories for me and a wedding bouquet should be no diffferent. Flowers should express who you are and should have a load of personality in them especially on your special day, so wherever you are getting married in Ireland, just head on over to the Flower Farmers of Ireland website ( and you will definitely find local growers who will have the best of seasonal Irish grown flowers with no airmiles and can create magical woodland bouquets like this one. 

Meanwhile, seed sowing, weeding and mulching continues. I have slugs eating some of my tulips and am not happy with my anemones coming on but I shall keep you updated. If there is a specific topic you would like me to cover in the future, do pop me an email on Happy Monday all! 

woodland wedding march bouquetJPGdaffodil and snakeshead fritillariaJPGHellebore and muscari woodland buttonholeJPGsnakeshead fritillariaJPG